@ThomasWic Ugh. I just moved out of Phoenix a month ago at the height of this last heat wave. Running to and from a dumpster in that kind of heat isn't fun.

@otso @jordonr @josias It works well. I just run the server on my laptop. It's nice because you can get information from search engines through a headless server instead of a browser, which could possibly give a lot of identifying information.

@josias I haven't tried it out yet. I normally agree with the idea of directly paying for a service instead of getting what they give for "free" (making money from spying and ads). I've been tipping DuckDuckGo with the Brave browser's BAT and running a personal searx server on my computer lately. It's hard to find a good way for a search engine to make money without spying on users or relying on ads.

Trying Tootle from the guix repository to connect to my instance.

@Dan_Ramos @amerika It's a minor inconvenience when I have online gaming plans with friends in other time zones and I have to remember what time we're getting together, what the time zone difference is, and whether or not they're on daylight savings time.

The Croft

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